“The role of customer support and interaction with customers in a company’s success cannot be denied.” “If you’re looking for a customer interaction program that you can integrate into your company’s website, Zoho Sales IQ might be suitable for you.” “Zoho Sales IQ is an effortless live chat software and website visitor tracking program.” “Let’s explore what you can do for your business with Zoho Sales IQ.”

“Get to Know Your Website Visitors Better”

“With the segmentation feature, you can group your customers and gain more insights into how they interact with your company.” “For instance, you can access information such as the time your customers and prospects spend on your website, their location, the date of their last activity, and how often they have visited your website.” “Such information is crucial for the sales team as it indicates which prospects should be prioritized.” “This way, you can accurately identify your target audience and prioritize engaging with candidates who spend more time on your website.”

“Satisfy Your Customers with the Automatic Live Chat Feature”

“Visitors who spend more time on your website or engage in important actions are more likely to make a purchase from you.” “With Zoho Sales IQ, you can identify potential customers who are more inclined to become clients of your company and activate a special notification when these individuals visit your site.” “With this application, notifications can be sent to customer representatives, and they can reach out to potential customers instantly using the automatic live chat feature.”

“Additionally, with Zoho Sales IQ, you can identify which visitors have previously visited your website, showing that you remember them and offering a more personalized service.” “This feature is indeed one of the application’s standout strengths.” “Because remember, visitors who see that your company is interested in them are much more likely to purchase your services.”

“Save Time with Zoho CRM Integration”

Zoho Sales IQ, Zoho CRM’ye entegre olarak çalışır, bu sayede Zoho Sales IQ’taki Chat Box’tan gelen müşterilerinizi Zoho CRM’ye direkt olarak bilgileriyle kaydedebilirsiniz. “Furthermore, with Zoho’s ClearBit integration, you can gain deeper insights into website visitors and save this information in Zoho CRM.” “This way, all the necessary information about individuals and their records are consolidated in a unified platform.” “Your employees can also leverage these features to provide more efficient and accurate service to customers and provide instant customer support when needed.” “The integration of Zoho Sales IQ with Zoho CRM speeds up your business operations in every aspect.”

“If you’re in search of a platform that will enhance your communication with prospects and customers, ultimately boosting your sales, we believe Zoho Sales IQ is the right choice for you.” “If you’d like to get more detailed information about this platform and its features in general,” You can consult our consultants and ask about distribution here.

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