Zoho – Solutions that Simplify Your Business

Do you need a solution that will simplify your business in many areas from customer management to financial reporting in order to grow your business? Then Zoho is just for you! Zoho meets all the needs of businesses with its cloud-based software.

Zoho provides services with its products in many different areas such as customer relationship management, finance, human resources, collaboration, and business software. Moreover, these products work in full compatibility and integration with each other, ensuring smooth data flow between every department of your business.

Thanks to Zoho’s products, you can increase efficiency for your business without unnecessarily wasting money and time. For example, by using Zoho CRM for customer relationship management, you can gather all the data related to your customers in one place and monitor the sales process. Or, by using Zoho Books for financial reporting, you can keep your income-expense balance under control and manage your invoices.

With Zoho’s user-friendly interface, ease of use, and affordable prices, it might be the best choice for your business. Give Zoho a chance to simplify your business and notice the difference right away!

Zoho One

Zoho One includes support for more than 30 languages, including Turkish!

Zoho CRM

Reach potential customers at the right time and engage them on every channel.

“PeraNet: The Guide in Businesses’ Digital Transformation Processes”

PeraNet: The Guide in Businesses’ Digital Transformation Processes

PeraNet is a company that provides consulting and technological support in the digital transformation processes of businesses. Digital transformation is a process that allows businesses to move away from traditional methods of doing business and become more efficient and competitive by leveraging the opportunities offered by technology.