At Peranet, we provide CRM consultancy services to make CRM (Customer Relationship Management) more effective and efficient.

In the digitalized world, the importance of sales, marketing, and customer support processes has grown.

Take your business to the next level with extensive experience and the professional team of Peranet. Discover the power of CRM and the advantages it brings with digitalization.

With the digitization of your sales processes, our aim is to provide faster and more effective solutions to your customers. We can customize and expand your marketing processes with digitalization. Furthermore, we aim to enhance customer support processes through digital platforms, making them faster and more efficient, thereby maximizing customer satisfaction. Our company targets to elevate customer satisfaction to the highest level and works with you to improve your CRM strategies and operations. Together, we select, integrate, and manage the most suitable CRM system for your business with the help of our expert team.

Digital Sales Processes

Manage your sales operations from a single and effective point!

Digital Customer Management Processes

Respond instantly to your customers through multi-channel interactions!

Digital Marketing Processes

Stay visible at all times!

Digital Sales Processes

Utilizing digital solutions in your sales processes will provide speed, time, and efficiency in recording and tracking all stages from potential customers to post-sales processes. Additionally, it helps you identify recurring or similar patterns, enabling you to develop more meaningful and effective strategies for new prospects. High-tech CRM systems can elevate customer experience through visitor tracking, live chat, and call center integrations. If you have questions about how to conduct digital sales, feel free to consult with us.

Digital Customer Management Processes

Gathering all activities with your customers in a single digital platform will enhance customer loyalty in post-sales processes. By using a mobile database, order management, automation, and customizable form and document templates, you can make your customer management processes more efficient. Furthermore, managing feedback like customer service and support requests quickly and effectively can boost customer satisfaction. For more information about customer service management, you can contact us.

Digital Marketing Processes

By integrating digital marketing processes, you can strengthen your communication network with personalized email campaigns or SMS campaigns to your customers and prospects, keeping them informed about developments in your company. Moreover, utilizing digital marketing strategies such as social media management, content marketing, and SEO can increase your online presence and reach broader audiences. For detailed information about our products, you can check our Freshsales page. If you need support regarding CRM consultancy, feel free to consult with us.


Other services we offer

Freshworks Training

To enhance your workflows and boost your work efficiency, we offer expert-level Freshworks training.

Zoho Training

At Peranet Information Technologies, we offer professional Zoho training to enhance your business processes and boost your work efficiency.

Information Technology Consulting

We offer Information Technology (IT) Consulting Services to enable you to use technology as a strategic business partner.