Digitalizing the Workplace

Smart, productive and collective work apps for your employees!

You can make your workplace more digitalized and efficient through the office apps developed for collaboration and efficiency. You can benefit from using shared documents, online portals for training programs and meetings to provide smoother intra-team workflow. Moreover, you can enhance efficiency at your workplace by using the tools to help with instant in-office and out-of-office communication.

(Corporate email, online document management, online presentation, in-team chat, collaboration portal, online meeting)

Corporate E-Mail Address

You can use cloud-based corporate e-mail addresses through safe e-mail hosting products. You can now create professional e-mail addresses for the employees with your company’s custom domain name.

CRM-Integrated E-Mail Services

Get more out of e-mail and CRM system thanks to the CRM-integrated email services.

Online Document Management

Don’t bother carrying a flash drive with you while you can store all datas in the cloud system. Besides this way, you can work on the documents online.

In-Team Chat

In-Team Communication is now much easier and faster through online chatting tools. This way, you can strengthen in-team communication and as a result create a more productive workplace.

Portal for Collaboration (intranet)

You can make in-team information sharing much faster, more efficient and cloud-based by using intranet. This way your announcements, documents and all the information are at the service of whole team from one single platform.

Online Meeting

You can organize your meetings with clients or in-team online way and enhance productivity by using features such as screen sharing, recording the meeting.



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