Digitalizing the Customer Management Processes

Respond to customer inquiries right away through the multichannel engagement!

Unifying all the engagement and conversation with the customers on one digital platform is going to help your company significantly provide customer loyalty during after-sales processes. All the instant response systems and automations to regulate the relationship you have with your customers will all in all enhance productivity.

(Mobile Database, Orders, Automations, Form and Document Templates)

Customer Database

Access everything at one unified base from anywhere!

The customer database that is accessible from mobile or computer, anytime from anywhere, will allow you to see the bigger picture. Also it will help you prepare efficient customized techniques for your customers by showing all the reports that analyze your calculations and contracts.


You can follow all types of engagement activities with leads and customers on one panel through suitable programmes designed for your sales processes and operational structure.

Customer History

You can view all types of conversations (calls, mails, offer and sales activities) with the lead or customer existing in the system from one window. Learn right away, take action right away.

Mobile App

Control all your network through multi-channel apps and integrations with different apps. Access the needed information from mobile app whenever you wish.

Follow-up of Orders

Through your official order templates and specific order area created by your company, you will be able to respond to customer inquiries in the form of orders fast and efficiently.

Follow-up of Inquiries, Complaints and Customer Satisfaction

Respond to customer inquiries right away through survey templates, live responding systems. Using the tools that evaluate customer satisfaction based on the datas you get when on mobile or from the office will help you tremendously in evaluating your strategies and setting your priorities. Through helpdesk, you can follow customer inquiries and forward them to the right department for the right solutions.

(Surveys, Customer Support System, Business Intelligence Solutions, Reporting, Mobile Apps)

Call Center

Through call center applications that you can integrate with your CRM system, you can save your calls into your network right away and save time.

Inquiry and Complaint System

You can follow up customer inquiries and complaints right away and keep in contact with your customers all the time.


Customer surveys are important tools that allow you to measure the efficiency of your processes and improve customer relations.











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