Customer: Mars Investment

Date: 2021


  • We realized WhatsApp integration for the company through our Fresh Works support.
  • Enabled customer data management through Zoho CRM.
  • Implemented the Visit module to record the channels through which customers contacted the company.
  • Provided support for organized storage of agency, contact, and sales information.
  • Assisted the company in accessing detailed analysis and reporting systems with Zoho Analytics and Zoho Reports.
  • Implemented the Apartment module.
  • Enabled the automatic organization of customer-specific campaigns through Zoho Campaign application.
  • Introduced the company to Zoho Work Drive for secure and extensive storage space.


Status Assessment

  • Customers who apply to the company via WhatsApp are manually recorded in the customer portfolio.
  • Foreign customers directed through real estate agents are gathered in the classic data.
  • Information related to sales transactions cannot be kept organized enough.
  • Analysis and reports regarding customer potential, sales transactions, etc., are created through lengthy and cumbersome steps.


  • We achieved WhatsApp integration with Freshworks.
  • We provided support for agency and customer records, reporting, optimization of work and storage areas through Zoho CRM integration.

About the Company

Since its establishment, Mars Investment has been engaged in real estate and investment management activities. It has introduced many unique and modern methods in real estate sales. The company operates not only in Turkey but also has contact offices in Dubai, the USA, and the UK. Mars Investment successfully expands its real estate sales experience to the international arena. With its developed methods, it guides and supports contractors, construction companies investing time to deliver their projects to buyers quickly, real estate agencies aiming to establish themselves in the sector by being part of quality projects, and investors looking to make the most of their resources It offers innovative and reliable roadmaps to bring a new perspective to the investment sector. The company, seeking efficient customer relationship management, requested solution support from us.

About the Project

We know that every company approaching us has its unique structure and different areas of activity. Based on this, we offer solutions that make our customers’ work easier and increase their efficiency. Mars Investment is a successful company in both the national and international real estate markets. We introduced Mars Investment to Fresh Works and Zoho through two support initiatives. By integrating the WhatsApp application with Freshworks, we ensured that incoming customer inquiries are consolidated onto a single screen. This arrangement provided convenience for customer management for the company. This application also works in harmony with Zoho CRM. Incoming customers can be easily recorded both on the Freshworks screen and on the Zoho CRM application. The company collaborates with both national and international real estate agencies. We organized the registration of customers directed by agencies on the Zoho CRM application, making it easy to control related processes. This application allows for listing information such as the customer’s country, sales contracts, commission rates, and the purpose of purchasing each property.

The company’s Zoho CRM homepage features a panel. Through this panel, the company can access information about which agency directed how many customers in which time frame. Mars Investment needed accurate analysis and reporting systems for its customer portfolio and sales transactions. We provided the most suitable solution for this need with Zoho Analytics and Zoho Reports. Through these solutions, the company can also see how much sales were made in each project and the return rates of visitors. To easily control stock status and apartment prices, we introduced our Apartment module. For customers who applied but did not purchase any projects, we offered our Zoho Campaign application to run personalized email campaigns. With this application, information such as how many customers applied to the company and how many sales were made to them in previous years became more easily accessible. Campaigns organized based on this information are conveyed to customers via email. Information about how many customers the campaign reached, how many opened the email,  and how many responded can also be tracked through the application. The company, which has an extensive customer and project portfolio, needed reliable storage. To meet this need, we set up our Zoho Work Drive application for the company. If you also want your company’s operations to be carried out in an organized and high-quality manner, you can benefit from our solution suggestions and support services. 

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