Customer:  Tekfen Holding / Tekfen Gayrimenkul – Hep İstanbul Project

Date: 2020


  • Freshchat installation was completed.
  • WhatsApp message integration was implemented.
  • Facebook message integration was implemented.
  • Web Site message integration was implemented.
  • Custom templates were prepared for effective use of WhatsApp Business features.
  • WhatsApp Business account features were activated.


Status Assessment

  • The WhatsApp application was being used on customer representatives’ personal phones, where each representative was individually contacting their customers, resulting in scattered information.
  • Messages from Facebook were being handled by a separate team.
  • There was no system in place for simultaneous communication with customers on the website.
  • Asynchronous communication forms were being used, but confusion arose due to language barriers.
  • Effective use of WhatsApp Business features was limited.


  • Integration of Freshchat with WhatsApp, Facebook, and Smart Web Chat Robot was carried out.
  • Advance Auto Motion was defined.
  • Company profile was set up for WhatsApp Business, providing an official identity.

Favorite Features

  • Freshchat WhatsApp for Business
  • Freshchat Facebook Messenger
  • Freshchat Website Smart Chat Bot
  • Round Robin Assignment
  • Mobile Application Support

About the Company

Tekfen Gayrimenkul is a group of companies that combines qualified projects with innovative ideas to meet the needs of the sector since its establishment. Elevating brand value with secure, environmentally friendly, and functionally designed projects that adhere to international standards. The company demonstrates its construction sector experience through quality projects and stands as one of the brands that constantly strives for improvement, raising the bar of customer satisfaction. Engaging in both technical and human relationship aspects, the company sought to establish a systematic structure by contacting us to achieve effective and accurate communication with its customers.

About the Project

Tekfen Gayrimenkul must engage in direct communication with customers to adapt to the dynamics of the real estate sector. Customers, who previously interacted with individual representatives through private lines, were consolidated under a single number. This data pool, which we refer to as the customer pool, securely collects and categorizes all communication-related data. 

Freshchat is the general name for a shared pool system that manages communication across multiple platforms through a single software. It operates using artificial intelligence from the initial stages of dialogue with customers to the final stages. The intelligent chatbot embedded in the project’s website uses the Advance Auto Motion application. It determines the guest’s location based on their IP information. Displays the KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law) text to visitors from Turkey and similar locations. As the conversation begins, it first detects and greets in Arabic, Turkish, or English based on the language being used. If a guest has visited the site before or revisits, the chat icon is displayed in their preferred language. If the guest confirms the KVKK text, they are automatically assigned to a representative who speaks the same language. If confirmation is not received, the chat window is closed. If there is no response for 24 hours, an automatic template message invites the customer to initiate a conversation. Furthermore, periodic trigger messages are displayed to visitors as they browse the site. Even if no button is clicked, general or project-based campaigns like “Get 20% off today” are conveyed.  The intelligent chat robot also allows guests to send files in formats such as .jpg or .pdf. It enables guests to comfortably express themselves with a variety of rich smile icons. The estimated response time is communicated to the guest, effectively managing time. Notifications are used to allow browsing other pages while awaiting a response. Guests are asked within the chat window if they wish to open notifications. If confirmed, new messages are announced audibly and with dynamic colors.

To measure the quality of service provided to guests communicated with by representatives and intelligent bots, surveys can be conducted in three different languages. Guests can both rate and comment on their interactions. Through these reports, various data can be analyzed, such as how many positive responses were received at the end of the month, which representatives performed well, and details of any negative situations. 

Freshchat’s tagging system facilitates the efficient operation of internal departments. On the chatbot greeting page on the website, guests can determine which department their message should be directed to. Messages that are not tagged or specified by the guest can be tagged by representatives and recorded in the data. Outside working hours, the chatbot provides necessary explanations to guests and continues with automatic redirections. Messages from relevant departments are prioritized and sent at the beginning of the working day. 

Various information about a brand with a green tick on the WhatsApp Business profile can be viewed. Verified account credibility is conveyed through details like website address, location, contact lines, and email addresses. The green tick enables interaction to be consistently maintained, ensuring the recipient opens and reads messages without hesitation, thereby facilitating engagement, especially during bulk message transmissions such as announcements or campaigns. 

Supported by a mobile application, the Freshchat application, which can be managed from anywhere, enabled performance evaluation through measuring all conversations. Positive or negative situations can be immediately addressed based on individual representatives, specific projects, topics, or departments. Gathering messages from Facebook, Web Chat, and WhatsApp in a single pool, responding through the same channel, provides customers with comfort and trust. 

If you require an advanced customer management system and are organizing comprehensive campaigns, you can consult our experts for professional CRM applications and effortlessly establish the best digital infrastructure for your company. 

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