Customer:  Sanita Health Group

Date: 2020


A digital infrastructure system was established, combining ethical, reliable, equitable, innovative, and contemporary service approaches with advanced technologies to support the company’s vision. Special functions were added to organize supply-demand flow within the sector in the system. Application training was provided to internal users to activate the new system.


Status Assessment

  • Without the use of any CRM software, they could not view all patient data under a unified structure
  • . Records of patients from social networks or search engines were stored in MS Excel.
  • They were unable to generate reports.
  • The call center was managed by an agency. The 3CX program was used as an integrated communication solution.
  • Due to not using a CRM integrated with 3CX, losses were experienced in Excel records, and reports couldn’t be generated from this database.


  • The existing call center was integrated with Zoho CRM, adding practical and dynamic features.
  • A ‘Click to Call’ button was added for quick calling.
  • Customizable modules that enrich the interaction process were developed.
  • All data, including patient and consultant personal information, communication flow, treatment process, and post-treatment follow-ups, were consolidated into a single database.
  • Detailed analysis and reporting functions were activated.
  • Mobile applications provided 24/7 access to the entire system.

Favorite Features

  • Integration of 3CX data with Zoho CRM.
  • Collection of all textual information in patient profiles through Zoho CRM.
  • Merging files in different formats, such as photos or X-rays, with patient profiles using Zoho Work Drive
  • Triggering interaction through Zoho CRM Campaigns.
  • Technical analysis and regular reporting advantage through Zoho Analytics.

About the Company

Sanita Health Group, headquartered in Istanbul, serves thousands of domestic and international patients as one of Turkey’s first dental hospitals. Holding the “Health Tourism” certificate due to its international standards, the company successfully undertakes digital implants, digital smile aesthetics, and oral and dental health treatments. 

Working alongside specialized doctors, patient coordinators, and patient coaches play important roles in team collaboration. Utilizing advanced technologies in diagnosis and treatment processes, the company seeks to elevate customer satisfaction by also focusing on post-treatment follow-ups.

About the Project

Sanita Health Group was relying on an external agency to manage communication traffic from consulting patients. The agency, operating with 3CX software, recorded incoming data in MS Excel and shared the same file for information transfer. This situation occasionally resulted in data loss, disrupting the system. Integration of the existing call center with Zoho CRM was achieved. Information of registered individuals was automatically transferred to the system. When calls were received from unregistered individuals, patient information was also automatically input. Since the company operates internationally, the language support of CRM was activated. Depending on the patient’s native language, they were automatically directed to the relevant representative. To enable customer representatives to reach patients faster, a ‘Click to Call’ button was added. 

Sharing comments or liking posts by individuals on social networks like Facebook and Twitter were automatically recorded. As user email addresses were stored within the Zoho System, correspondence in the electronic environment was transferred to patient profiles. All communication channel data, such as calls, messages, forms, emails, were consolidated into a single repository.

Through the Zoho CRM Campaigns application, Sanita Health Group gained the ability to access the existing contact list en masse for new campaigns and announcements. They also obtained a toolbox to automatically generate messages for special campaigns like birthdays. 

Google Ads, Facebook Lead Ads, the corporate website’s contact form, incoming emails to the info address, and inquiries received by the call center all converged into a single repository. This allowed them to analyze and report on a wealth of data, such as how many applications were made, how many of them entered the treatment process, treatment costs, procedures performed, post-treatment follow-up stages, and satisfaction rates.

Prior to Zoho, the Sanita Health Group team had to work in front of computer screens, but with the mobile application, they gained the ability to access information from anywhere, 24/7. 

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