Customer:  Ege Yapı

Date: 2020


  • Freshchat installation was completed.
  • WhatsApp message integration was implemented.
  • Facebook message integration was implemented.
  • Web Site message integration was implemented.
  • Custom templates (templates) were provided for active and effective use of WhatsApp Business features.


Status Assessment

  • WhatsApp application was being used individually by each customer representative from their personal phones.
  • Some conversations via WhatsApp were conducted through a shared company line.
  • Separate workforce and time were dedicated to handling messages from Facebook.
  • Simultaneous communication with customers through websites was not possible.
  • There were delays or confusion in responding to messages from the asynchronous communication form.
  • WhatsApp Business features were limited and not utilized effectively.


  • After Freshchat installation, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Web Chat Bot integrations were implemented.
  • A multifunctional template was defined for WhatsApp Business.

Favorite Features

  • Freshchat WhatsApp for Business
  • Freshchat Facebook Messenger
  • Freshchat Website Chat Bot
  • Round Robin Assignment Feature
  • Mobile Application Support

About the Company

Ege Yapı, a company that produces projects that bring cities to life with smart engineering solutions, has a deep-rooted experience in the real estate sector. It has earned a reputable place in the national and international markets with contractorship in zero projects and real estate development work in existing projects. heir quality of life without harming the environment or nature. It creates value through investments that are compatible with global technical standards, offer employment opportunities, contribute to community welfare, and benefit the country’s development. With a sense of social responsibility and sustainability, the company instills an awareness of peaceful coexistence in metropolises, while also efficiently utilizing natural resources. It follows the principle of preserving historical and natural beauties and enhancing existing values. Among its professional services are private residences, corporate structures, industrial facilities, social spaces, and buildings related to education or healthcare. The company undertakes tasks in real estate development, restoration, renovation, and engineering services for both infrastructure and superstructure. By collaborating with this prominent company, which has received awards for its smart and healthy housing projects, we have accelerated the process of digitalization, providing momentum to their workflow.

About the Project

Ege Yapı’s company profile embodies a character that values professionalism and contemporaneity, pays attention to sensitivity and transparency, and operates in accordance with ethical principles. When we embarked on this project, we took action by providing innovative solutions that would strengthen the company’s core values and enable them to keep up with the times.

As we identified the company’s most critical need, we realized that new-generation smart solutions in customer management and customer relations were required. Like many other companies, customer representatives were using the WhatsApp application through conventional methods and with high intensity. While seeking the convenience offered by the application for communication, they were unintentionally creating scattered data piles. We began by installing the Freshchat software into the main system. With the integration of Freshchat and WhatsApp, all customers were consolidated under a single corporate number. Correspondences were also recorded in the information pool created using the same corporate number. 

Among the new-generation solutions used in website design, the most widely utilized system by customers is AI-powered smart bots. With the added chat icon on the website, communication is now kept active 24/7. Representatives engage in live chats with customers from 09:00 to 22:00, seven days a week. If all representatives are busy, customers are informed that their question will be answered within a few minutes. The dynamic interface indicates the presence of live chat, creating a sense of satisfaction during interactions. Outside working hours, an intelligent robot greets the customer. providing information by mentioning that they are currently unavailable and will respond promptly if contact information is left. Quick responses are facilitated by relaying messages to the relevant department at the beginning of the workday. 

Thanks to the pool system, when a question arises on the Ege Yapı website, it is assigned to the available customer representative in line. The online-active representative can quickly establish contact with the customer and provide the necessary guidance. Assignments can be made to corporate, sales support, after-sales service, consultation, finance, and other groups established within the internal departments. Each customer correspondence can be categorized and distinguished by tags based on departments or specific topics (such as sales or technical support). 

After the integration of Freshchat with Facebook, all messages coming from the Facebook page were also gathered in this pool and redirected. One of the active features of the system is its ability to allocate tasks based on the language of the customer’s inquiry. A customer writing in Arabic is automatically directed to a representative proficient in Arabic, while a customer writing in English is directed to a representative fluent in English. 

Although messages from all channels fall into the shared pool, responses are sent back through the same channel from which they originated. If desired, customers can receive the entire correspondence in their own email address, and thanks to the internal company data, copies are also archived. This makes it easier to recall the same customer and track the process when necessary. 

To maximize the use of WhatsApp beyond conventional use, we prepared special templates. According to existing WhatsApp Business features, only customers can initiate conversations; representatives cannot contact them without being contacted first. Through the templates we created, campaigns and announcements can be sent to customers in bulk. These regular announcements increase brand awareness and allow marketing strategies necessary to remain vivid in the customer’s memory to be applied effortlessly. Aside from corporate campaigns, congratulatory messages can be sent during special occasions, national or religious holidays. 

The measurable messaging system provided the company with the capability to analyze and report on various aspects. Customer representatives can analyze their performances, behavioral states, and technical competencies. Questions and interactions from different channels, communication volumes, and the effectiveness of the sales team can all be evaluated. Tags allocated to categories help determine which ones are most frequent, identify the most sought-after topics, and report on matters such as whether there are any complaints. 

If you wish to establish a customer database, organize various campaigns related to your portfolio, or create specialized projects within the portfolio, you can utilize the Freshworks + Zoho CRM applications to elevate your company values.

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