• Contact leads at the right time and leverage them across all channels. Our team of experts in this field are at your service with their consulting knowledge about Zoho CRM products.
  • Through our expert team, we help your company’s operational processes transform into Zoho-based systems. Moreover, we support your team on the fields of lead management, sales processes management, offer tracking & management and reporting.
  • For your business, we offer you a place of solution powered by over 40 different products necessary for your business in areas of finance,collaboration, storage, e-mail to make your operational processes easier.

Google Ads and Zoho CRM Integration

You can keep under control the amount of incoming leads coming through the budget spent on Google Adwords. Moreover, you can easily access information such as the ads from which a specific lead came, how much it costed your company etc, within Zoho CRM system with ease.

If you want website visitors coming through Google searches turn into immediate leads on CRM system and want to see within the system which ads or word search they came from, then you ought to use Google Ads – Zoho CRM Integration.

Facebook Lead Ads – Zoho CRM Integration

With the help of Facebook Lead Ads – Zoho CRM Integration, see all the details from the day the lead was created on the system, the ad campaign they came from to the company they work at in one single report.
Don’t bother saving the leads who filled out the form on Facebook campaigns manually to the CRM system. With this integration, all Facebook leads will be automatically saved to the CRM system.


Forms on the Website – WebForm

The best marketing campaigns produce best leads for your sales team. From the opening pages to the website forms, go and get the lead information quickly through CRM. Zoho CRM helps you customize digital marketing campaigns and offers pre-made web forms.

With the help of hundreds of web forms we made for them, our customers have been able to save the informations of visitors both coming from website itself and landing pages of ads automatically to the Zoho CRM system. Additionally, through our customized web forms, you can save many other kind of information beside informations given at forms to the CRM system.


Zoho CRM Reports are informative lists of records in detail. Each report gives access to the critical data necessary for some purposes. At Zoho CRM, standardized reports are offered at various modules.

Reporting is one of the most important added values you can expect to get from a CRM system. With a CRM system, you can make lists, summaries or visual reports out of all the saved data. Also you can create boards using these reports, so that you can make customer datas easy-to-read with just one click.
Besides, we offer support on Zoho Analytics as well for those of our clients who want to get deeper knowledge at reporting.


Automatic Assignment

You can build filters such as region, interest in product, the source of leads so that only leads who meet these criteria will automatically be assigned to the chosen agent. By automating this lead assigning process, you can save a lot of effort and time and decrease the number of unwanted demands caused by manuel interventions.

We can automatically help distribute those leads we’d gathered from various sources automatically into CRM system to the demanded agents on your own terms. Those leads who come through the filters of language, ads and many others can be automatically assigned to the CRM users by order.


dr cınık

Cinik Hair Transplant & Plastic Surgery Clinic.
Dr. Cinik Hospital, specialist in its own field, has been successful at satisfying many international customers’ needs for over 15 years. The hospital whose website supports 12 languages has served patients from over 30 countries. Also Dr Cinik Hospital has an ever-increasing sales team consisted of experts in their field.


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