Digitalizing the Reporting Processes

Turn all the activities into new insights!

Through the reporting and analysing tools to use for sales and after-sales processes, you can prepare visualized charts and graphics. This way, you can make valid evaluations regarding the strategies of upcoming periods by benefitting from your own processes.

(Reporting, Analytics, Visualized Data, Business Intelligence Solutions)

Multiple Databases

You can prepare consolidated reports by gathering all datas from different sources. This way, you will get to have meaningful results originating from various data.

Hidden Results

Get to access hidden results effortlessly by processing raw data through Business Intelligence solutions.

Visual Data

Visualize your data easily through drag’n’drop tools to make them more comprehensible for users.

Artificial Intelligence

Let the Artificial Intelligence Solutions help you draw hidden results from your data or visualize your data.

Online Sharing

Share your reports with interested co-workers online securely and let them comment on your reports.

Mobile Access

Access reports and boards easily from your mobile devices. This way your reports will be always within reach even when you are out of the office.



Zoho Analytcis


Zoho CRM Reports